Thursday, 14 February 2013

Work, ill, work.

This is actually an outfit from a couple of days ago - I went to meet a friend for coffee, went thrift shopping and bought a metal frame  (see previous post) and a set of 6 vintage soup bowls then went to my pole fitness class. Very busy day that ended pretty badly with me going to bed early due to feeling like I would pro-vom everywhere. I even had to call in sick to work yesterday which I've never done before and felt so guilty about!

Been doing plenty of sewing recently so stay tuned for a few crafty posts and maybe, if I feel like it, a few cooking posts as I've been doing quite a bit more actual cooking recently rather than stick-in-the-microwave ready meals.

Extremely excited to hit Nottingham with Nancy tomorrow night - can never beat a night out in a new city!

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