Sunday, 30 September 2012

Instagram - week #3.

Being the first week of lectures I haven't had much time to blog however I have had time to compile this weeks Instagram photos..

#1 - Sophie enjoying the view.
#2 - Pretty Manchester.
#3 - Barbie pink nails.
#4 - Friday night wine with Nancy.
#5 - Glee, cookies and blogging - student life.
#6 - My reasons to be happy, coffee is number 1 of course.
#7 - My face which you will have probably already seen in my side bar.
#8 - Empty bottles of wine - oops!

The first week of lectures has been very successful, I even enjoyed the modules that I thought I'd hate with is a;ways a good start. I haven't been able to go out at all this week due to lack of funds however I have a trial shift at the Manchester Museum Cafe on Wednesday so I have everything crossed - always wanted to work in a coffee shop and really could do with the money.

I tried a new approach to food shopping this week, I wrote a shopping list. I do love making lists but have never really thought about making a food shopping list and turns out it made my life so much easier! Despite spending almost £30 on food (eek!) I ended up avoiding picking up anything and everything that took my fancy. 

That's about it for this week, apart from the fact that on Friday I'm city hopping to Liverpool to visit Stacy for her 20th birthday (blog post to follow) which I am so looking forward to as I haven't seen my friends from home since moving back to Manc.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Primark haul.

So I had the perfect winter boots, but no other wintery clothes to go with them. I knew I wanted some chunky knitwear that I can wear with leggins or skirts and tights however wasn't prepared to pay Topshop's £36 for one jumper. In this situation, every student knows that there is one answer - Primark. I managed to pick up two jumpers and a skirt, all for the price of just one knitted jumper from Topshop.

 Jumper #1 - Primark £12

Jumper #2 - Primark £12

Skirt - Primark £12

I love the minty colour of jumper #1, and the contrast of the body and sleeves in jumper #2. The pleather type silver skirt is a bit edgier than my normal style however I picked it up anyway and love it! I can dress it up with heels and a jacket or down with one of my jumpers and tights. I find that Primark can be quite hit and miss but definitely a hit this time - I recommend browsing the huge collection of reasonably priced knitwear.

I had my first 9am lecture this morning and it was hell getting up at 7am, I can't remember I last saw that early! But it was nice to see the girls on my course properly and the coffee break between lectures certainly made up for the early morning. I was nicely surprised when I arrived back home to find that Beccy and Nancy had made me pancakes - perfect timing as I was shaking from too much coffee and no food.

This afternoon it's stopped raining (touch wood) for the first time in 3 days and I feel like I should be out making the most of it, however the magnetic pull of my duvet and CSI is a little too strong today.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Perfect winter boots.

Anyone who knows Manchester will know that it rains approximately 364 days a year (okay maybe that's a slight exaggeration but it rains ALOT) which means that small shoes just don't cut it. So before I completely ran out of money I went in search of the perfect winter boots which turned out to be quite a task as I'm very picky with my shoes. However I stumbled across these beauties in Office, and with my 10% student discount they we're actually affordable!

                   shoes - office | the picture really doesn't do them justice

And here is my outfit of the day (ootd) paired with none other than my perfect winter boots..

                      jumper - primark (old) | disco pants - river island

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Simple & Casual.

First of all, sorry for the photographs. I appear to have left my camera at home in Sheffield meaning that the only way I can take half decent photos is with my iPhone. The quality isn't too bad it just means that I can't take full length shots until I get my camera back!

top - topshop | jeans - zara | shoes - converse | bag - ebay | watch - river island

With it being a Sunday, I haven't done much. However I did get dressed for the sole purpose of getting another couple of free Domino's pizzas (thank you Freshers Fair!) before the vouchers run out tomorrow. 

Last night for the first time since coming back to uni I was a little homesick which probably had something to do with it being the first night that I wasn't busy. Luckily, as per, my friends from home came to the rescue with phone calls and Skype conversations which cheered me up no end.

My lectures start tomorrow and however nerdy it may sound, I'm quite looking forward to having some structure in my life again! My first class is a module that I chose called "Social Media in Education" which sounds right up my street but with it being a 3rd year module and me only being a 2nd year, I'm filled with apprehension. 

That's enough rambling for now. I guess I need to find a way to sign off blog posts but for now a simple until next time will have to do..

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Instagram - week #2.

This past week has been full of packing, unpacking, sorting, drinking and general organisation leaving barely any time for picture taking and blogging. However, I have managed to document a few moments of this busy week with my favourite app; Instagram, and here they are..

#1 - Onesie twins (feat. younger cousin Imogen).
#2 - Fried chicken and sweet potato.
#3 - Moustache mirror.
#4 - Starting freshers with a game of Ring of Fire.
#5 - Nail art.
#6 - Plait hairband.
#7 - Off for a walk round the Freshers Fair.
#8 - Killing time in the uni.
#9 - Costa with Nancy and Alex.
#10 - Shopping in town with Beccy.

Friday, 21 September 2012

New Year, New House, New Room.

So here I am, back in wonderful rainy Manchester and finally, after almost 2 weeks, we have internet!

It feels good to be back in Manc; I've missed the rain, the occasional sun and the overly tempting shopping, however I know that this year at uni is going to include lots of hard work (not that I didn't work hard last year, it's just that this year really counts!).

So I'll christen the internet at the new house with an introduction to my new room I give it approximately three days before it's an absolute tip, but I'll enjoy the cuteness and tidiness for now! Cue Instagramified pictures:

#1 - Desk in the bay window.
#2 - Homemade "to do" chalkboard.
#3 - Bed with my pictures from Paris and Whitby.
#4 - Pretty new laptop and notebooks.
#5 - Shelves and fairy lights.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Instagram - week #1.

I'm a self admitted Instagram addict and yes, I do truly believe that by adding a hipster-esque filter to my photos that I am a fully fledged photographer. But everyone's using Instagram these days and you must admit that the photo filters do make the photos look that bit prettier.

Anyway the point of this post was to sum up my week using my photos from none other than Instagram, however I've been neglecting Instagram a little over the past week so instead I'll post a few Instagram shots from the summer.

#1 - My new love, disco pants.
#2 - My trip to Paris with the family.
#3 - A very windy trip to Whitby with my friends.
#4 - My very lovely fox tattoo.
#5 - A new found love of film photography.
#6 - Very summery nail varnish.

I guess that'll do for now, there'll be plenty more Instagram photos in later posts!

Standard Introductions.

I've tried blogging so many times and failed due to lack of time, getting bored etc. but thought I'd give this yet another go, a fresh start on a new platform. The main reason for me doing this is so that I can get my thoughts down, I don't particularly intend for this to be read by anyone.

So as a quick introduction, here are 10 things that you may (or not) want to know:

#1 - I'm 19 and dreading turning 20 in February.
#2 - I'm from Sheffield which I love almost as Manchester.
#3 - I can play multiple instruments but tend to stick to the piano.
#4 - I have a tattoo of a fox on my ribs, which is my mother's maiden name, as the line of Fox's has died out due to too many girls!
#5 - I'm only a shorty, 5"3 and no sign of getting any taller.
#6 - I could eat curry forever which is possible as I'll be living right by a mile of curry shops this year.
#7 - I have the best group of friends anyone could ask for.
#8 - I'd quite like to work in digital marketing when I've finished my degree, but who knows how I'll feel in another year or so!
#9 - I tend to get completely obsessed with something for a while then one day wake up completely uninterested.
#10 - I am perpetually tired.

I think that'll do for the introductions - now that I've got that out of the way I can start the proper blogging!