Sunday, 30 September 2012

Instagram - week #3.

Being the first week of lectures I haven't had much time to blog however I have had time to compile this weeks Instagram photos..

#1 - Sophie enjoying the view.
#2 - Pretty Manchester.
#3 - Barbie pink nails.
#4 - Friday night wine with Nancy.
#5 - Glee, cookies and blogging - student life.
#6 - My reasons to be happy, coffee is number 1 of course.
#7 - My face which you will have probably already seen in my side bar.
#8 - Empty bottles of wine - oops!

The first week of lectures has been very successful, I even enjoyed the modules that I thought I'd hate with is a;ways a good start. I haven't been able to go out at all this week due to lack of funds however I have a trial shift at the Manchester Museum Cafe on Wednesday so I have everything crossed - always wanted to work in a coffee shop and really could do with the money.

I tried a new approach to food shopping this week, I wrote a shopping list. I do love making lists but have never really thought about making a food shopping list and turns out it made my life so much easier! Despite spending almost £30 on food (eek!) I ended up avoiding picking up anything and everything that took my fancy. 

That's about it for this week, apart from the fact that on Friday I'm city hopping to Liverpool to visit Stacy for her 20th birthday (blog post to follow) which I am so looking forward to as I haven't seen my friends from home since moving back to Manc.

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