Friday, 21 September 2012

New Year, New House, New Room.

So here I am, back in wonderful rainy Manchester and finally, after almost 2 weeks, we have internet!

It feels good to be back in Manc; I've missed the rain, the occasional sun and the overly tempting shopping, however I know that this year at uni is going to include lots of hard work (not that I didn't work hard last year, it's just that this year really counts!).

So I'll christen the internet at the new house with an introduction to my new room I give it approximately three days before it's an absolute tip, but I'll enjoy the cuteness and tidiness for now! Cue Instagramified pictures:

#1 - Desk in the bay window.
#2 - Homemade "to do" chalkboard.
#3 - Bed with my pictures from Paris and Whitby.
#4 - Pretty new laptop and notebooks.
#5 - Shelves and fairy lights.

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