Thursday, 6 September 2012

Instagram - week #1.

I'm a self admitted Instagram addict and yes, I do truly believe that by adding a hipster-esque filter to my photos that I am a fully fledged photographer. But everyone's using Instagram these days and you must admit that the photo filters do make the photos look that bit prettier.

Anyway the point of this post was to sum up my week using my photos from none other than Instagram, however I've been neglecting Instagram a little over the past week so instead I'll post a few Instagram shots from the summer.

#1 - My new love, disco pants.
#2 - My trip to Paris with the family.
#3 - A very windy trip to Whitby with my friends.
#4 - My very lovely fox tattoo.
#5 - A new found love of film photography.
#6 - Very summery nail varnish.

I guess that'll do for now, there'll be plenty more Instagram photos in later posts!

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