Saturday, 22 September 2012

Instagram - week #2.

This past week has been full of packing, unpacking, sorting, drinking and general organisation leaving barely any time for picture taking and blogging. However, I have managed to document a few moments of this busy week with my favourite app; Instagram, and here they are..

#1 - Onesie twins (feat. younger cousin Imogen).
#2 - Fried chicken and sweet potato.
#3 - Moustache mirror.
#4 - Starting freshers with a game of Ring of Fire.
#5 - Nail art.
#6 - Plait hairband.
#7 - Off for a walk round the Freshers Fair.
#8 - Killing time in the uni.
#9 - Costa with Nancy and Alex.
#10 - Shopping in town with Beccy.

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