Wednesday, 6 February 2013

19 things while I was 19.

My original plan for this post was to write about 20 things I want to accomplish while I'm 20, however I soon came to realise that there isn't 20 things that I would like to do that are significant enough to mention. So instead, I'm going to write, if not ramble, about 19 things that I did or accomplished in the year that I was 19:

#1 - Got a 2:1 average in my 1st year at uni.
#2 - Went to Ayia Napa with my best friends.
#3 - Moved into my first house (if a student house counts).
#4 - Finally got a job in Manchester.
#5 - Started a volunteering role in marketing.
#6 - Lost one of the most important people in my life, my Grandpa.
#7 - Got a tattoo - a lovely fox on my ribs.
#8 - City-hopped like there was no tomorrow.
#9 - Started pole fitness classes.
#10 - Bought a laptop with my own hard-earned money.
#11 - Got my phone stolen for the first time in my life.
#12 - Spent Christmas without my little brother for the first time.
#13 - Spent the best few days in Paris with my family.
#14 - Got a centre parting (ish).
#15 - Chopped all of my hair off.
#16 - Then grew it again.
#17 - Got pet chickens (at home, not at uni).
#18 - Beat Nancy at scrabble - which is a bigger deal than it sounds.
#19 - Spent way too much money on fast food and clothes.

Just after my 19th birthday
Just after my 20th birthday

So I think I've changed quite a bit over the past year; in looks and as a person (cheesy, I know!) But it has been a great year. I guess now I should start acting like an adult? Or not, either way I hope that being 20 is just as great as being 19 was.

P.S. Have some photos from my birthday meal with my lovely friends:

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  1. aww its good to know you better especially if we live in the same city.Kisses Magda xx