Wednesday, 30 January 2013

What's New?

So I have been extremely slow on the blogging front recently, as always, but for about the gazillionth time I'm going to try to get back into the habit of posting more frequently as I'll have quite a bit more spare time this semester. What's new, I most definitely don't hear you ask? Well it's 2013 for a start, a year that not so long ago seemed so far away, and even though it's only January, so much has happened since the new year.

Forever Manchester
One thing that's new in 2013 is that I have started doing some volunteering with the charity Forever Manchester on the marketing team helping with the social media. It's an amazing opportunity that I found through taking part in the Manchester Uni mentoring scheme and is a great start towards a career in marketing after I graduate!

Getting Organised
I like to think that I'm organised, and I am providing that I keep up the organisation momentum. Once I slip that's it, I go back to my usual disorganised self. I have, however, started to rely on my lovely Filofax again - so much that I can't function without it! To be honest I've become a little obsessive with post its and templates but that's besides the point, at least I'm being organised. As well as the Filofax, my room's had a good old tidy and organised - tidy space tidy mind and all that.

Photo a Day
This was actually instigated by my dad who told me that he was doing a photo a day and that meant that I should too. I'm a bit skeptical, my track record for keeping things like this up isn't great but may as well have a go! Might be nice to be able to look back through an entire year's worth of photos. So here are a few of my "photo a day" photos for a quick overview of the past couple of weeks: 

My newly organised Filofax | A trip to Leeds with uni friends | Foxy phone case | Self explanatory | Snow day | Uni family | Too-full Filofax | Gin bottle collection | Perfect train journey | Recycled skirt

I know that this post has been a little text and picture heavy but there we have it, a little catch up before back to normal blogging.

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